October 13, 2021
I enjoy showing people the extravaganza that is New England in autumn - especially first-timers. They nearly always run out of superlatives to describe the spectacle. Eac...
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Mining for Gold

October 06, 2021
15 magical miles. That's roughly the distance between Willow Flats and the Buffalo Fork of the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park's north end. Hang around that gen...
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Shine on, Harvest Moon

September 29, 2021
I generally don't spend too much time at the "trappier" photography traps in Grand Teton National Park during foliage season, but sometimes the forecast lures me in, as i...
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The Old West

September 22, 2021
If you want an authentic taste of the Old West along with some pretty spectacular scenery, you can find it in Dubois (DEW·boys), Wyoming - a little town with roughly 900...
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Finding Elbow Room

September 15, 2021
I've never seen the national parks as crowded as they've been over the past few years. The issue is especially acute in the better-known destinations - like Grand Teton a...
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Show Time

September 08, 2021
The curtain is about to go up on one of the greatest shows on earth. Not meaning any disrespect to winter, spring or summer (spring is my favorite time of year, after al...
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Favorite Places

September 01, 2021
If you're a baseball fan - especially of a certain age - and live in the U.S., you probably enjoyed the recent game between the White Sox and Yankees staged amid a corn c...
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