"The earth has music for those who listen."
~George Santayana

Do you hear it?

We are surrounded by beauty. Whether it's the splendor of the natural world or scenes created by human hands, within these settings are melodies which can uplift and energize our spirits. Look. Listen. The display is constantly changing: transformed from one season to the next, from one day to another, from morning to evening. Things never appear exactly the same. Photographer Rebecca Metschke captures these unique moments in time, finding the picture in the landscape.

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Welcome to the online home of nature and landscape photographer Rebecca Metschke. Based next door to the vast Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, you’ll find Rebecca most frequently in Grand Teton National Park, though she travels with her camera throughout the American West and beyond. As with the Tetons, Rebecca has deep ties to New Hampshire. Her home for many years, the Granite State is also a photographer's paradise. In addition to online photo galleries and collections featuring some of her photo projects, here you’ll find her blog for which she writes regularly, information about how to purchase fine art prints and her book, how to join her for a photo tour, and other educational resources. Thanks for visiting!



Idaho Falls, Idaho USA
+1 603-772-1516