Storm Existing Teton Valley IdahoDepartureAs a summer storm moves out just before sunset, the sky is full of character while the valley below is bathed in rich, warm light.

Teton Valley
Tetonia, Idaho


From time to time, it can be helpful to receive feedback and gain insights about your work. During your image review we'll discuss and appraise either your selection of various standalone photographs or your collection of images organized around a single concept or theme.

Prior to our session, I’ll ask you to provide some concise information about your photography goals, specific questions you might have, and what you’d like to accomplish in the course of our time together. You’ll also receive instructions regarding how to submit your photographs. During the video call itself (through which we can share screens), I’ll provide general observations and assessments regarding composition, creativity, technique and processing along with suggestions regarding elements that can be improved and how you can achieve those results.

Each session is 90 minutes
Cost: $125 USD

Contact me for more information or to schedule a session.



1 or 2 Guests
5 Hours - Customizable Itinerary 
Offered May through September

The Teton Peaks and Big Hole Mountains, rolling farmland, the Teton River, glaciated canyons, and small-town Americana: welcome to the “quiet side” of the Teton Range. While the national park is spectacular, these alternate views are also beautiful and offer their own unique advantages. Far less crowded, this area is also far less photographed. There are many options to explore. If you're visiting Jackson Hole, consider setting aside some time to head on over the pass for a completely different experience.

Afternoon/late day light is best on the western side of the Tetons, so this is when we’ll head out. Start time is flexible but plan on early- to mid-afternoon. 

Skill level: Amateur on up, though you should have a good working knowledge of your camera. It’s recommended that you have an understanding of/comfort level with manual mode operation. 

Equipment Suggestions: DSLR, 24-70mm or similar lens and 70-200mm or similar lens. Wide angle if you wish. You probably won't need a long telephoto. Bring a sturdy tripod, extra cards and batteries, and a polarizer if you have one. I use Nikon gear but Canon systems are similar so I can help you either way – though it’s never a bad idea to stow your manual in the bag.

Meeting Place: Driggs, Idaho 

Planning Logistics: Based on our pre-excursion discussion regarding your trip objectives, skill level, and what you’re most interested in photographing, I’ll tailor an itinerary specifically for you and send it in advance. (Conditions will dictate whether we're able to closely stick to the plan or will need to call an audible.) At that time you’ll also receive via email an Acknowledgement of Risk form which will need to be signed before we head out.

Weather: Neither you nor I can control Mother Nature. If persistent, heavy rain or potentially dangerous conditions (i.e. lightning) are forecast I’ll suggest we push our excursion back by a day. A full refund will be issued for cancellations due to extended poor conditions. 

Duration: Five hours 
Transportation to various locations: provided
Snacks: provided
Cost: $550 USD for up to two guests

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel any time between booking and to 14 days prior to your excursion date, a $75 fee will be assessed. Cancellations received within 14 days or less will receive a 50% refund.

Contact me for more information or to inquire about available dates.