The Slow Collapse

March 11, 2021
It's been nearly 25 years since I first saw Idaho's Teton Valley. The area has a rich agricultural heritage, so one of the things I enjoyed photographing on that first tr...
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It's All Beautiful

March 04, 2021
It's funny how you sometimes remember people whose paths crossed yours in only a tangential way. A guy who sat behind me on a Boston-bound flight originating from Salt La...
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Be Careful What You Wish For

February 25, 2021
Not long ago I wrote about a snow deficit here in Teton Country. Most everyone had been wishing for more: farmers, winter sports enthusiasts, nature photographers. Finall...
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From Out of the Ashes

February 18, 2021
Moving ranks near the top on the list of things I'd rather avoid. It's a lot of work. Disruptive. It can also be very expensive. That said, whenever I'd packed up and set...
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Best Sides

February 11, 2021
Which is your best side? Most people photograph "better" from one side versus the other. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the fact that faces aren't co...
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Plan B

February 04, 2021
I was supposed to be working in Death Valley this week. Actually, I've tried three times this winter to get there; this latest effort was only the most recent. Why the sl...
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You Can't Always Get What You Want

January 28, 2021
The Oregon coast is beautiful but often mercurial. If you're going there to photograph the magnificent sea stacks, timing is important. Summer and early autumn are typic...
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