If May Were a Color...

May 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

...it would be green. Glorious, gorgeous, ubiquitous green. Springtime green. 

Leaves unfurling on shrubs and trees, grass coming out of dormancy - all that new growth is bursting with energy. Foliage this time of year has a unique look. (The grass, too.) The greens are lighter and brighter than what you'll find in mid-summer. 

Lime green. Apple green. Maybe even some chartreuse.

In its own way, this "foliage season" is as lovely as the show in autumn.

It's been a roller coaster weather ride here in Teton Country over the past few weeks, with snow accumulating as low as 4,700 feet more than once. A day or two of seasonal temperatures is followed by a cold snap - and then back again. It's safe to say winter and spring have been sparring.

Still, much of Eastern Idaho is now green. Trees and shrubs are decorated with buds. Perennials are back in a big way. I mowed my yard for the first time the other day.

Even over on the Wyoming side signs of spring are unmistakable in Grand Teton National Park, albeit a little late. It'll be greening up there, too. Soon.

I am amazed at this spring, this conflagration
Of green fires lit on the soil of the earth...
-D.H. Lawrence


About the Photos

I made both of the images posted here in late May; it doesn't look like this on either side of the Tetons yet but there's still plenty of time for things to begin to pop.

At the top it's Mount Moran at the north end of Grand Teton National Park. I went looking for lime green and got it in spades. The quality of the sky added a lot to the scene: vibrant, adjacent cool colors on the color wheel punctuated with a few clouds to complement the snow. The field of sage was included to extend the swath of green. For a brief few weeks in spring the grass retains enough moisture to green up nicely - here it harmonizes with the beautiful color in the line of aspens. 

Below, you're looking at the Teton Valley in Eastern Idaho. That's the Teton River in the foreground; the small town of Tetonia is visible in the distance. The valley is never more lovely than in late spring when it's lush and green. I waited until the more vertically-oriented cloud moved into position above Grand Teton; it mimics its shape. The views of the Teton peaks from here are stunning. 


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