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Mist and Fog Over the PemigewassetMist Meets FogPersistent drizzle and rain made the autumn colors pop and created this moody scene over the Pemigewasset River (Near Lincoln, New Hampshire) I've been corresponding this week with someone overseas who will be visiting New England in early October to see and shoot the foliage show.

After purchasing and reading my photographer's guide to the White Mountains and then studying Google Maps, he wondered if I'd help him refine his plan since his time in New Hampshire will be short.

Absolutely! I love to help visitors coming to northern New England to photograph the spectacle - especially those who will be seeing the Rocky Gorge White Mountains New HampshireRed in the RocksThe first rays of morning sunlight set the autumn foliage ablaze along the banks of the Swift River at Rocky Gorge. (White Mountains, New Hampshire) autumnal display for the first time. 

After finding out what kinds of images he likes to make along with his planned points of entry into and exit out of the state, I suggested some locations based on his objectives and timetable. Obviously the conditions will have the final say; we also covered alternatives in case he's faced with challenging situations.

If you're planning a similar trip and would like some ideas, get in touch with me! By the way, even though my book is specific to the White Mountains, I photographed throughout the state during the 20 years I was based there. And though I now live near the Tetons, my camera and I still head back to the Northeast regularly.

Like that Johnny Cash song "I've Been Everywhere" - I pretty much have been everywhere in New Hampshire. 

Will you be heading way up north to Pittsburg? Over to the Mount Monadnock Region? The Seacoast? Near Dartmouth and Lake Sunapee? The Big Lake (Winnipesaukee)? Not a problem. 

Then of course there's Vermont. And Acadia. And so on. Even though I'm partial to New Hampshire, I have been known to cross the border. :) 

I have favorite shooting locations all over New England. Looking for suggestions? I'm happy to help.

One thing I'd recommend (and this goes for any photography trip you're planning regardless of location) is that you do as much advance research as possible, come up with a rough schedule based on how much time you'll have and what you've learned, and then think about what kind of adjustments you can make if Mother Nature throws a curveball.

Let's take autumn in New England specifically. What will you shoot if it's drizzly or rainy the entire time? What if the colors aren't very far along yet? What if they've already peaked? What if you never see the sun and the skies are bland? What if it's persistently windy?

You can make excellent images in nearly any kind of weather and regardless of how far along the colors are. (The only thing I find nearly impossible to deal with is heavy rain.) Be prepared to take advantage of whatever you're gifted.

And if you'd like some ideas from me, just ask


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