Consolation Prize

July 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

The Comet Neowise and I didn't sync up, unfortunately. It wasn't for lack of effort on my part. As is often the case, Mother Nature had other ideas.

Late last week I made my final attempt to photograph the celestial visitor, this time in Grand Teton National Park. Clear skies were forecast for the evening, with an extra bonus of pop-up storms early in the afternoon. If all went well, perhaps I could snag a monsoonal shot while waiting for Neowise to make an appearance over the Teton Range later that night. 

Unfortunately, the forecast turned out to be less than accurate.

Though the storms did arrive, they pushed into the area many hours later than predicted. It was evening when they finally materialized. Then, rather than popping up and moving along, they settled in for the night.

Completely overcast, there was no sunset - and absolutely no hope to see the comet. Still the day managed to pay dividends.

Though it took many hours to develop, once the monsoonal activity began to move into the valley its progression was rapid. Climbing high into the sky very quickly, its leading edge was quite spectacular. I had to scramble to find a good position from which to photograph it: my initial location was much too close to the Teton peaks. 

I settled on Antelope Flats, from which I could include both the mountain range and everything that was going on overhead. Though I made a few panoramics, in the end I preferred the single capture.

No comet for me this time. But the consolation prize turned out to be pretty nice.

Leading EdgeLeading EdgeA monsoonal storm advances into Jackson Hole (Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming)  



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