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Look InsideLook InsideDaylily (Newfields, New Hampshire)
As the crow flies, Grand Teton National Park is only 65 miles from my home. Unlike Mr. Crow, however, I have to drive from here to there - which adds additional mileage and involves traveling over two mountain passes. Depending on the time of year, that can get a little tricky. So while I'm fortunate to live in close proximity to such a wonderful park, it's not as though I'm there every week.

What do I photograph when I'm not in the Tetons or elsewhere on the road? I look for inspiration closer to home. During the summer months that inspiration often is only a few steps away, in my gardens.

I've actually been photographing my own flowers for many years: both back in New Hampshire and now here in Idaho. Despite the high-desert climate in this part of the Intermountain West, I've been able to get some gardens established. One of the first things I planted were day lilies. While I enjoy them for aesthetic reasons, I also find them to be great subject matter. They're prolific bloomers - and depending on the variety, the bloom period can last for quite some time. Because they're now available in such a wide range of colors and with a variety of traits (frilled vs straight petal edges, different petal shapes, single vs double blooms, etc.) you can find some really stunning combinations. 

I've spent many hours crawling among my lilies looking for interesting ways to render their beauty. The sky's the limit with flowers: you can go from realistic capture to wild abstract. For me, the abstracts are more fun - and an excellent creative challenge. 

While I can find inspiration in flower beds, for you it might be something entirely different. The point is, potential subject matter is everywhere. Especially now while travel is a little more challenging than usual, finding things to shoot closer to home might be just the ticket.   

Petal PassionPetal Passion


StripedStripedMacro view of a daylily petal (Newfields, New Hampshire)


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