Finding Tranquility

November 12, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Off to Sea IIOff to Sea IIA departing Nor'easter made for nearly ideal conditions at daybreak. Though a breeze began to gently ripple the water in the tidal pool, it wasn't enough to interfere with the reflection. Just as quickly, the color disappeared. (Rye, New Hampshire) It's no surprise that there have been record numbers of visits to many of our national parks in 2020. Nature can be an antidote for stress: there's been more than enough of that to go around.

Nature soothes. It's restorative. 

Fortunately, you don't need a national park to get outside and experience these benefits. Head for green space at the center of town. A garden. A pond. Your back yard. Your deck. 

Put the phone away and enjoy the great outdoors. Go for a hike - or simply sit and savor the sights and sounds.

(If I were writing the prescription, I'd suggest you do this regularly.) 

Contemplate the night sky. Watch the sun come up or bid it farewell at the end of the day. Gaze at clouds drifting through the sky. Marvel at the graceful lines of trees. Listen to the birds.....the wind....the water. Track a storm as it moves in, or watch as it leaves. Admire the landscape.

Think about what a gift it is to witness such things.

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,
places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and
give strength to body and soul.
-John Muir


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