Spring? Not So Fast...

March 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Now that March has arrived, thoughts turn to spring.

While the seasons may be transitioning in many places, winter still has a firm grip inside Yellowstone National Park. It was well below zero yesterday morning while I was working at Mammoth Hot Springs, with deep snow still blanketing the landscape.

Extremely cold temperatures make the thermal features for which the park is famous appear even more spectacular. Thick clouds of steam are generated as hot water meets the air. This, of course, can make for challenging photography since the scene can be obscured - sometimes stubbornly so. At the same time, it creates interesting, ghostly vignettes, not to mention plenty of hoar frost as trees nearby are coated in white.

When the mercury dips, it's a magical time in the park. 

FrigidFrigidEarly March means spring in many parts of the country, but at Mammoth Hot Springs, it's still sub-zero - perfect conditions to amplify the thermal features at Mound Terrace. (Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming)


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