Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

December 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Home for the HolidaysHome for the HolidaysThe Christmas Tree at Pioneer Court looks across the street at the iconic Wrigley Building, quiet here on an early Sunday morning in mid-December. (Chicago, Illinois)

2018 marks season number 9 of "The Christmas Project." 

This all began by happenstance back in 2010 when I decided to go down to Faneuil Hall in Boston to see THE TREE. This isn't just any Christmas Tree. It's the largest in New England - and actually, it's often bigger than the one which adorns Rockefeller Plaza in New York City (as it was that year). It had been quite some time since I'd been to Faneuil Hall over the holidays, so it seemed like an outing which was overdue. I brought the camera along with me.

After having made some photographs that day-into-night, the idea of capturing vignettes featuring holiday decorations took hold. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

From then on, each holiday season I scoured New England looking for imagery. The reach subsequently expanded to include a variety of geographic areas. You might say this has become a bit of an obsession.

I might fly a few thousand miles for a Christmas Project shoot, or travel 4-5 hours in one day to make a single image. One afternoon a few years back, I drove two hours up to Dartmouth College to shoot the tree which sits on the Green, and then turned around and drove the two hours back home. Was it worth it? Of course!

This year took me back home to Chicago. Though I've already photographed the city more than once at Christmas time, I can always come up with new ideas when it comes to subject matter. Decorations change from year to year, so you never know for sure what you're going to find. Adaptability is the name of the game - just as it is with any landscape shoot!

In the shot pictured here, you see the tree which sits at Pioneer Plaza (just outside Tribune Tower). Across Michigan Avenue is the landmark Wrigley Building. I made this image early last Sunday morning in the blue light before sunrise. It's the best time of day + day of the week to photograph the decorations since there are few people out at that hour on a Sunday. 

The Wrigley Building dressed for Christmas is a beautiful sight to me. As the song says, there's no place like home for the holidays!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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