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September 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On the one hand, bridges are utilitarian as they make transportation easier by connecting point A to point B. At the same time, the best of them are beautiful works of art.

If you like bridges, as I do, New York has many to offer. I've been wanting to photograph three of them for quite some time (Queensboro aka 59th Street Bridge, Brooklyn, and Manhattan). Unfortunately, when I'm in the city I typically have a lot on my plate and consequently there never seems to be enough time.

Last week I made it a point to rectify this. The Brooklyn Bridge was at the top of my shot list, and Mother Nature cooperated in a big way as I had only one evening free in which to shoot. Just a single chance.

It did not rain. It wasn't completely overcast. And as an added bonus, though it had been a clear-blue-sky kind of day, some clouds appeared to the west as evening drew near - poised to pick up color from the setting sun. Nearly perfect conditions! 

It's not unusual to spend many days - or months, or longer - waiting for favorable conditions in order to make a photograph at a specific location. When you have only a single opportunity and everything comes together, it's pretty special. That night at Brooklyn Bridge Park was one of those occasions. 

While the Queensboro Bridge will have to wait until my next visit, I was extraordinarily happy to have had the opportunity to capture the other two. 

Brooklyn Bridge IBrooklyn Bridge IThe setting sun punctuates the end of the day with a colorful sky over the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan. (New York City)


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