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Autumn in the High Country

September 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Early in the month I was sweltering in the New York City heat. Two weeks later, as I began my week-long foliage shoot in Grand Teton National Park, I started each day in layers (the last of which was my ski jacket) with temperatures hovering near freezing at dawn!

Autumn comes early - and progresses quickly - in the Tetons. 

Though the color wasn't that far along when I began to work, within just a few days it had developed significantly. The season is fleeting, to be sure.

Mother Nature served up quite a few challenges, as is typically the case, but I was also treated to some very special conditions - such as an excellent stretch of interesting, dynamic, changeable skies. 

Case in point: arriving in the dark at Oxbow Bend about an hour and a half before sunrise a few days ago, I watched showers move across the peaks from south to north (which had not been forecast). The falling rain was eventually lit by the sun as it cleared the opposite horizon, which was spectacular. Following that, there was significant cloud build-up ahead of rain which was forecast for later that day. By this point, the sun had risen far enough to light the aspens along the shoreline, some of which were nearing peak color. However, the increasing and rapidly-moving cloud cover was now limiting the sun's ability to illuminate the entire scene - which created wonderful (and quickly changing) effects.

I shot for about 90-minutes, and walked away with a handful of "keepers," each of which is very different.

A great way to start the day, indeed!

First LightFirst LightThe sun's first warm rays light the trees along the Snake River Shoreline, making the foliage pop. The effect is magnified with Mount Moran in shadow, and darker storm clouds both in the sky and reflected below. (Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming)





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