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Unexpected Treasure

August 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Cloaked in GreenCloaked in GreenVines are overtaking this abandoned homestead both inside and out, as it slowly disappears into the landscape from which it came. (Swan Valley, Idaho)

One of my brothers, in town visiting recently, has explored a great deal of the west - with the exception of Idaho. As I was taking him around to see some of the sights, we came across this abandoned homestead. Since moving here, I've only been on this stretch of road once - and that day, I was looking for opportunities to photograph foliage. Because my attention was elsewhere, I hadn't seen this structure.

It is quite spectacular, with vines overtaking it both inside and out. One side is beginning to collapse. Unfortunately, the conditions weren't conducive for me to make a photo from the angle which would have highlighted just how precariously the house is standing. Shooting from the opposite side, however, I was able to take advantage of clouds that were being generated by afternoon storms beginning to move into the valley. This vantage point also enabled me to include the portion of the structure which has been almost completely covered by its living blanket.

Ironically, the vegetation may be helping to keep the house propped up - though it does not seem likely it will withstand the elements much longer. Strong, sustained winds or heavy snowpack appear destined to topple it sooner rather than later.

Now that I know the house is there, I plan to return to try to shoot its collapsing west side either early in the morning or during a storm.


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