Picturesque Palouse

June 20, 2016  •  1 Comment

The Palouse is a large agricultural area in southeast Washington and north-central Idaho. Sometimes referred to as "America's Tuscany," the region is known for its fertile, rolling loess hills. Though irrigation is common in farmland west of the 100th parallel, the Palouse is unique in that you will not see any central pivot or other forms of self-propelled systems; views of the fields of wheat, lentils, barley, chick peas and canola are mostly unobstructed. 

Particularly if you are drawn to the beauty of rural areas, this is a wonderful place for the landscape photographer.

I recently spent five days in the Palouse to photograph the lush greens of springtime. It's a challenging location in that it encompasses so many thousands of square miles. A shoot there requires a good deal of perseverance - but is well worth the effort.

Loess Hills of the PalouseUndulatingLate day light accentuates the lovely rolling hills of the Palouse in southeastern Washington.


Randal Putnam(non-registered)
Incredible shot of a stunning landscape. They're growing all my favorite foods, too! Hope you are well.
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