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Lingering, Lovely Blooms

September 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Zesty ZinniaZesty ZinniaZinnias decorate the September garden with intense color: not yet ready to say goodbye. (Chicago Botanic Garden ~ Glencoe, Illinois) Here we are, hours away from the autumnal equinox. Already.

Where did the summer go?

Especially as I'm adapting to the wildly different (from what I'm used to) high-elevation, interior western climate, from my perspective this was a "year with no summer." I've not yet acclimated to what June, July and August feel like in the high country near the Tetons and Yellowstone. While I don't miss oppressively high humidity, neither have I wrapped my head around the fact that one must often don heated gloves for early morning shoots even in the middle of July.

A week ago, while in Chicago for a family gathering, I had an opportunity to spend an afternoon at the Botanic Garden. It was a spectacular day with temperatures in the mid-70s, a light breeze, and no humidity. Somewhat surprisingly, there were many more plants blooming than I expected this late in the season. My gardens in New Hampshire were always beginning to look a little tired by September...

Especially lovely were the zinnias and lantana. The vibrant, hot colors were a feast for the eyes, and a clear signal to visitors that summer was not quite ready yet to let go.

Linger on, beautiful blooms! There is plenty of time for snow...

I was happy I brought the camera and tripod with me.


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