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Light It Up

September 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

While nature offers up endless beautiful landscapes, of course there are also many stunning scenes which were created by the hands of man.

I just returned from a fabulous few days at the US Open. Though I knew I was only going to have a limited opportunity to do any landscape work while in New York City, I was hoping to make an image featuring The Chrysler Building - my favorite structure there - at the edges of the day. The odds would not be in my favor; I'd only have two chances before it would be "all tennis all the time" - and who knew what the conditions would serve up.

For the sunset attempt, I needed a few things to happen.

1) My inbound flight had to land on time. It didn't....but neither was it terribly late.

2) I needed some clouds in the sky. Check. Driving to Manhattan from the airport, they began to take on color as the sun got lower in the sky. It didn't look good in terms of me getting to the hotel in time, though.

3) Speaking of the hotel, I was going to be at a property with great city views - and in the same general vicinity of the Chrysler Building. Having stayed there many times previously when in town on business, I knew I'd be hard pressed to get a better spot from which to work IF I could get a room on the west side of the property, and IF I could get up high. 

Bingo on both counts. The desk clerk gave me the top floor on the city-view side.

Opening the door to the room, I saw color lingering in the sky, creating a wonderful backdrop for the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. However, since the sun had already gone down, I knew I only had a short time to work.

I threw open my suitcase, pulled out the tripod, got set up as quickly as possible, and composed the shot. After ten minutes, the color was gone.

But - I got what I was after.

While it's not unusual to come back empty-handed from carefully planned photo shoots, there are times when everything comes together. This was one of those occasions. 

Light It UpLight It UpLingering color from the setting sun decorates the sky as the lights go on in Midtown Manhattan. From this vantage point high above 1st Avenue, the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building punctuate the skyline.




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