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Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

August 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The move is behind me.

I've traded the spectacular New England scenery which I've come to know intimately over the past 20 years for the majestic landscapes of the Greater Teton/Yellowstone region.

It's a monumental adjustment.

I've traveled the United States extensively and have lived on the West Coast, in the Midwest, and on the East Coast. A home base in the interior West, though, is something new.

I have loved the Tetons since first visiting many years ago, so one of my initial priorities has been to better acclimate myself to the park from a photographic perspective and take advantage of its lovely - but fleeting - summer landscapes. Given that it happens to be the height of tourist season in this neck of the woods, and Jackson/the Tetons/Yellowstone are very popular destinations, retreating to the Teton Valley on the other side of the mountains is sometimes the more workable option.

Among the nice things about the perspective of the Tetons from the west side is the fact that it's less familiar to most people, and less often photographed.'s just as beautiful.

Recently I spent a long afternoon at Grand Targhee ski resort in Alta, Wyoming. I took the chairlift to the summit of Fred's Mountain (9,862 feet) and hiked to a spot which afforded me a wonderful view of the Tetons. The pine trees below aligned to form an abstract arrow, leading the eye to the peaks beyond. The weather was changeable that day, with rain moving in and out - and the mountaintops were mostly shrouded in clouds. Though Grand Teton was visible briefly just three times over the course of the afternoon, it was worth waiting many hours to catch a glimpse and capture it with the camera when it did appear.

RaindanceRaindanceA changeable sky, with rain clouds moving in and out, shrouded Grand Teton for much of the afternoon. It took hours for it to appear, but was worth the wait. (Alta, Wyoming)


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