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Spring in Bloom

May 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Spring is my favorite season. After moving to New Hampshire, I must admit autumn (which previously had only been a reminder that winter was fast approaching) quickly jumped into a close second - but for me, nothing beats the month of May. To watch the natural world waking up after a long witness the landscape changing dramatically, sometimes from one day to the's something to behold. It never gets old.

Every year, the thing I look forward to most is the beautiful flowering crab trees - packed with blossoms and decorating so many yards, including my own. 

After a brutal winter here in New England, spring came late. Snow was still falling in mid-April. That said, once we got into the month of May, we had a  full week of unusual, summer-like temperatures. This sped everything up - including the crab trees. 

Their lovely displays, always too short, are going to be even more fleeting this year due to the high temperatures. 

This has made the time spent shooting my own cherished trees this season even more special. I know there is not much time....

Just OpeningJust OpeningBeautiful, delicate crab apple blooms are captured here just as they're beginning to open. This much-anticipated springtime display doesn't last long, unfortunately: probably one of the reasons it's so special.



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