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Low Tide

May 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Red LineRed LineSubstantial overcast didn't allow the rising sun much opportunity to use its paintbrush on this morning. In the minutes immediately after sunrise, though, color hugged the horizon while the dappled clouds above lightened - reflecting nicely in the quiet waters of the pool below at low tide. (Rye, New Hampshire)

I've spent many, many hours at this large tidal pool in Rye, New Hampshire over the past five years - most of them at daybreak. If I had a nickel for every one of those shoots.... :)

The pool all but disappears when the tide is high, but it can be a fantastic place to work when the water is low and the air calm.

If the skies above are colorful, the still water doubles the effect as it becomes a giant mirror.

If the sky is filled with interesting cloud formations, looking down at their reflections gives one the sense that the sky is beneath one's feet.

The variables are the position of the clouds relative to where the sun is going to come up and how that all relates to the rocks which are visible. This can make it challenging to find compositions that work...but it's also part of what makes this location interesting and keeps me coming back over and over again.

The tidal pool is one of my "haystack" spots. Claude Monet's famous Haystacks illustrate how different the same location looks from one season to the next. In my case, though the composition is not exactly the same from session to session, the concept is similar. It's fascinating to observe how differently the same spot can look given the time of day, season of the year, and in different weather conditions.


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