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Chocorua Lake

May 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I love spending time in New Hampshire's White Mountains. There's nowhere I haven't been up there with my camera. Not surprisingly, I have quite a few "favorite spots" in the region. One of them is Chocorua Lake in Tamworth.

The lake is undeveloped, so the setting is unspoiled and spectacular. There is an exceptional view of Mount Chocorua from its southern shore. When the air is calm, it produces lovely reflections.

I've worked at this location many, many times since I've lived in New Hampshire - and made some photos I'm quite happy with. This spot also means a great deal to me in a sentimental sense as my dear dad, now in heaven, stood on that shoreline with me on one of his first visits to the Granite State. I made one of my favorite photos there on that day as a storm rolled in...

Earlier this week, I hit the road at 3am to head up to the lake in hopes of capturing some color at daybreak. In late May, the sun rises very early here - requiring departures at insane hours! The forecast called for partly cloudy skies; I checked again just before leaving the house, and it looked like all systems were "go."

It was pitch black for much of the trip, so I had no idea whether or not the skies were actually going to cooperate. Once I could start to see overhead, it was clear that there was a lot of overcast. Still, I could see some breaks in the clouds and hoped that would be enough to let the rising sun do its thing.

When I arrived at the lake, though, it was quite dark - nearly completely overcast. I waited until 4:30am to walk over to the shoreline. I watched, and waited. In spite of the very heavy cloud cover, some of the sky was painted in pink at sunrise. However, it was very localized and no color developed over the mountain. It looked like my trip might have been for naught.

I waited a while, but the clouds only thickened. Packing up, I walked back toward the car - but noticed that the sky to the south was quite colorful. That was enough for me to turn around and go back to see what might happen.

Though thick clouds hung over the mountains, they had definition and looked interesting. And for a few brief moments, one spot took on a hint of color. That balanced the frame, so I made the shot.

It's not at all what I had hoped to capture, but I was happy with the result nonetheless. 

So often, it's all about what kind of photograph you can make given the conditions you have to work with. Because forecasts are often inaccurate, you have to learn to punt.

Reflections of SpringReflections of SpringThe beautiful greens of foliage just leafing out decorate Mount Chocorua and are reflected in the still waters of Chocorua Lake. A hint of pink peeks through the heavy overcast at sunrise. (Tamworth, New Hampshire)


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