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Winter at Nubble Light

February 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Rather ironically, though four feet of snow has been dumped on us here in southern New Hampshire over the past two weeks, making winter images during that same period has been extraordinarily difficult. Traveling to locations has often been too dangerous due to road conditions. Prolonged storms requiring multiple rounds of snow removal meant that had to be my first priority. And finally, each time the heavy weather has finally cleared out, it's done so rapidly - leaving instantly clear skies behind, with no lingering clouds to make the sky interesting.

And so I have waited for brief windows between storms. And watched the forecast. And gotten up early on many a morning hoping it might be conducive for me to get some work done. 

Yesterday, I decided I was going to head up to Nubble Light no matter what (well - as long as the skies weren't perfectly clear). With snow on the way (again) later in the day, it seemed like I might have a decent chance for some sort of cloud action ahead of the storm.

Since I live in a wooded area, it's difficult to make out what's going on overhead in the darkness before dawn; I need to travel about two miles to get a sense of what the conditions might be like. Once I got to that clear spot, I was disappointed to see that the sky appeared flat. There were clouds, yes. But not the kind that typically make for a good photo.

Still, having twiddled my thumbs for too many days waiting for things to shape up, I decided to give myself the green light to continue onward up to York, Maine. My heart sank as I arrived at Long Sands Beach, where I had an expansive view of the sky. To the south-southeast it was completely socked in; same thing to the north. And in the distance over the lighthouse - totally clear. Not exactly the recipe for a winning morning.

I drove the final couple of miles to Sohier Park thinking the trip had likely been a waste of time. Pulling in to park the car, I was surprised to find that I was the only one there. Especially on a weekend, it's almost never possible to enjoy solitude at this popular spot, even very early in the morning. So....while the conditions were not-so-great, the ambiance was fantastic!!! I figured I was there - so may as well try to make a picture.

The composition I'd framed included the single bank of clouds that were nearby. I was hoping they might just pick up some color when the sun got closer to the horizon. Not only did that occur, producing lovely pastels that were much prettier than expected, but the sky continued to improve - ultimately making the wide shot I'd been hoping to make (for weeks!) possible.

It was more subtle than what I'd envisioned, but I walked away very happy - and somewhat surprised - about what Mother Nature served up. 

PastelsPastelsMuted pastel colors greet Nubble Light on a cold winter's morning. (Cape Neddick, Maine)



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