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Snow, snow, and more snow

February 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The first part of winter here in coastal New Hampshire was amazingly dry, with very little snowfall. Mind you, that's fine by me. I've shoveled my way through too many 100+ inch seasons.

That said, the weather pattern shifted rather suddenly. In less than two weeks, we've had nearly 55 inches of the white stuff. Even more frustrating, some of the storms have been so severe it's hampered my ability to get out and shoot!

Overnight and into today, we had about five inches of fresh, wet snow. Clinging to the branches, it transformed the woods into a delicate landscape of white lace.

This tree stood out, with souvenir leaves from the autumn long-passed still hanging on - and adding punctuations of color to an otherwise monochromatic scene.

I don't love cleaning it up, but the beauty of the snowfall cannot be denied.

Winter LaceWinter LaceDelicate patterns of lacy white are created as wet snow clings to the branches. A few remaining leaves - souvenirs of autumn long gone - punctuate the scene with color.



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