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Interested in photography from a young age, native-Midwesterner Rebecca Metschke has nearly always had a camera in her hand.

What had been an avocation, however, transformed into something deeper following her arrival in New England.

Upon moving from the West Coast to New Hampshire in the mid-1990s, she set about exploring the Granite State - from the Atlantic shoreline in the southeast to the Great North Woods near the Canadian border - with her camera in tow. New Hampshire's geography is richly varied. Within its borders you'll find everything from ocean shoreline and coastal islands to rivers and lakes, vast timberland, and mountain peaks....but it's wonderfully compact. You can be shooting colorful skies along the Atlantic at the break of day and then scouting locations in the mountains within the span of just a few hours: a perfect canvas for an outdoor photographer.

Rebecca spent 20 years based in New Hampshire's Seacoast shooting throughout New England (and beyond), but it was her adoptive state - and the White Mountains in particular - which assumed a special place in her heart. Fittingly, Granite State landscapes are the featured subject matter in her book The Third Day: The Magnificence of the Natural World, and she recently published Autumn in New Hampshire's White Mountains: The Photographer's Guide.

Now living in Southeastern Idaho with both the Tetons and Yellowstone in her backyard, you'll find Rebecca actively photographing both parks, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the Intermountain West, and the Colorado Plateau in addition to the work she continues to do back East.

Though a primary focus, her photography is not limited to the natural world; Rebecca also captures landscapes and structures created by the hand of man, and does both commercial work and sports photography. 

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