Tall Ships Visit Portsmouth

August 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sail Portsmouth is an annual event which brings a tall ship or two into the harbor for a weekend visit. This year, it's two beautiful schooners...Mystic and Lynx

Mystic is 171-feet and has 13 sails, with a 110-foot main mast. Lynx is a replica of a privateer from the War of 1812 - built for speed.

Unfortunately, heavy weather in the area put a damper on the Parade of Sail...normally a festive welcoming of the vessels down the Piscataqua River and into the harbor.

Mystic no sooner eased her way in next to the commercial fishing pier when the thunder and lightning which had been threatening drew near and the skies opened.

Though it was overcast for most of the first full day of the event, this morning dawned with a canvas that was "just right" - enabling the sun to get out the paintbrush and work some magic.

Daybreak: Tall Ships at Portsmouth HarborDaybreak: Tall Ships at Portsmouth HarborPastel colors just before sunrise create a nice backdrop for schooners Mystic and Lynx as they visit Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Moored at the commercial fishing pier on Peirce Island, the tall ships were the centerpiece of the annual Sail Portsmouth weekend. Mystic is a three-masted square topsail schooner (main mast, 110 feet), and Lynx is a replica of a privateer from the War of 1812.



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