The Christmas Project

December 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Since I was a little girl, I've been drawn to Christmas decorations - especially the lights. A favorite moment each holiday season was the first lighting of our tree. Actually, this remains the case!

Though primarily a landscape photographer, a few years ago I gave myself "permission" to branch out and shoot more architecture, city scenes, and the like. In retrospect, I'm not sure why I placed restrictions on myself....

I made my first Christmas image in 2010 outside Faneuil Hall in Boston. I hadn't seen the huge Christmas tree there since before I moved to this area and thought it might be fun to photograph it. (By the way, this is a REALLY large tree - typically around 15 feet taller than the one in Rockefeller Plaza.) A few nights later, I set my sights closer to home. Settled in the 1600s, Portsmouth is a historic seaport with a lovely downtown featuring the landmark North Church - an iconic New England house of worship with a tall, white steeple. The city's Christmas tree stands each year across the street. The composition I had in mind (featuring both the tree and church) seemed like the perfect scene for another business venture of mine, so off I went to photograph it.

And so began The Christmas Project. Since then, it's taken on a life of its own!

Each November, I begin to map my strategy. Where might I shoot? How much can I reasonably expect to accomplish? (Necessarily, over time the map has expanded...)

This year, with a short window between Thanksgiving and Christmas and two Nor'easters already since Thanksgiving Eve, it's been a real juggling act to tackle my shot list. 

That said, I was able to squeeze a slot into the schedule to dash down to Manhattan.  I still have much work to do - including two new locations, both in Massachusetts. Stay tuned!

Christmas in New YorkChristmas in New YorkNothing says Christmas in Manhattan quite like the Rockettes. Crowds flock to Radio City Music Hall each year to see the annual "Christmas Spectacular."


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