Mist and Fog Over the PemigewassetMist and Fog Over the PemigewassetPersistent drizzle and rain made the autumn colors pop and created this moody scene over the Pemigewasset River near Lincoln, New Hampshire.

Spring in the Tetons

May 31, 2018
It arrives late and doesn't last long - but spring is a magical time of year at Grand Teton National Park. Even in this high-desert climate (the valley floor averages 6,...
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Sea Stacks

May 01, 2018
I've been wanting to photograph the sea stacks along the Pacific Coast for a while. Three shoots had to be scuttled for one reason or another, but I finally made it to Ba...
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The Land of Lincoln

February 12, 2018
Once upon a time, before the Monday Holiday Bill, there was no such thing as “Presidents' Day.” In Illinois (The Land of Lincoln), where I was born and raised, every kid...
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Focus on the Fence

January 24, 2018
Since we've had much less snowfall this winter-to-date than last year, my shooting at Grand Teton National Park is on hold for the time being. Instead, I've continued to...
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2017 in Review

December 22, 2017
2017 was another memorable year for me photographically - in spite of the fact that I had to give up three planned shoots due to a move which wreaked havoc with my schedu...
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